Listen to dozens of interviews with our successful clients is proud of the success of its clients. We have the most case studies in this business with new ones arriving on a weekly basis. Acquisitions entrepreneurship is the most lucrative skill you can have today. Our clients can reach millions in revenue in just a few months of starting working with us.


How Jeff is rolling up the financial services sector

Jeff is a successful entrepreneur who already acquired 8 businesses. Since he started working with us, his revenue jumped from $1mm to over $4mm in just a few months. Watch this video to see how he did it. 

Miriam acquired 3 businesses in construction  in less than a year

Miriam, a mother of 4, managed to acquire 3 businesses while working full time. She proves that with the right guidance and a little bit of determination, everyone can be successful in business acquisitions.

Lyle's two acquisitions were financed using a supplier's rebate

Lyle acquired 2 businesses adding $450k to his bottom line by leveraging relationships with the suppliers of the acquired businesses. He put no money out of his own pocket. See how.

Luis acquired 4 businesses and had exit at 23 years old

Despite his young age, Luis is going far. He managed to acquire 3 businesses with no money down and exit them successfully. Now he's working on a roll-up in-home services sector with already one 7-figure acquisition.

Jason completed 6 acquisitions in the construction space. More in the pipeline...

Jason shares his journey of acquiring multiple businesses in the construction space. He started as a general manager in a remodeling company and now his businesses make 8-figures in revenue. 

See how Mohan acquired a 7-figure medical clinic

Mohan is a doctor who wanted to increase his income and decided that a successful acquisition can get him there. Watch this interview to see how he managed to acquire a 7-figure clinic.

Leo, originally from Nigeria, living in Ukraine, bought a business in the US.

Leo is absolutely a superstar. He never even visited US before buying his first business making 7-figures in revenue. His story is truly inspiring. He also didn't spend a penny out of his own pocket.

From a dentist to a $4mm business owner

Eric joined us in a search of doing something new and exciting. He wanted to go into business and decided that the easiest and fastest way to get there is by acquiring an existing business. 

Reza acquired 2 construction businesses making $20mm in Canada

Reza was an immigrant who worked as a civil engineer in Canada. He decided to change his life and take it to the next level through business acquisitions. See how we helped him and what was his journey. 

Cliff made two acquisitions adding $450k a year to his net income

Cliff's business took a massive hit during covid. He was looking for alternatives, new challenges, and diversification. He quickly found a business that he wanted to acquire and closed a deal with our help.

Tyler talks about his first acquisition and emotional journey

Tyler made a massive change since joining the program. His horizons broadened and new opportunities arose. He acquired a business and created a clear roadmap for his future ventures. It's amazing to see what just a few short months can do to a person who commits to this journey.

Corporate executive to $3.5mm business owner

Kevin worked as an executive in corporate America but felt like something was missing. His career reached a plateau and he decided to pull the trigger and take his life and income to the next level. If you want to join Kevin in our community and get coaching to be in this position.


$3.2mm in EBITDA in 1 year 

Learn how Doug's life has changed in just one year since starting to work with us. He was previously employed, now he owns multiple businesses and his life has changed tremendously. See what the process looked like for him. 

John Clevenger's no money down acquisition

Despite not having money, bad credit, and no previous business experience, John acquired his first business. A 7-figure company in the construction space is not a bad start. Now he has plans to expand and build a group of complimentary businesses in this space.

From a waiter to a hotel owner

Aryeh completely changed his life with just one deal. With a humble background and not much capital, he managed to strike a deal with hotel owners. 

They managed to acquire 3 businesses 

Robert and Shirmila are proof that determination and high self-esteem work. They acquired 3 businesses despite financial hardships and difficulties on the way.

Bernard's $3mm+ film production acquisition

Bernard's background is in construction but an opportunity presented itself to venture into a different industry and he decided to pull the trigger. Watch the full story.

Dean's 7 figure deal in Australia 

Dean explains his journey and the importance of mindset in his deal-making process. This is an inspiring interview that will broaden the horizons of every entrepreneur. 

John explains his roll-up in the home services sector

John runs a family business. They decided that they want to expand by acquisitions and got in touch with us to get some help. Listen to this interview to find out how. 

Truck driver to the owner of a $13mm trucking company 

Borislav was originally from Bulgaria. He managed to acquire a business making $13mm a year in revenues. He had no credit, no connections, no capital and was able to do it.

Jeff acquired a book distribution business making $31mm a year with no money down

Jeff came across an opportunity to acquire a book distribution business that existed for over 70 years. He creatively structured it and closed it during the pandemic. 

Leo acquired 10+ laundromat businesses up to date

Leo is one of our first clients. He understands the value that can be generated through roll-ups and diligently executes his strategy. Listen to his testimonial.

Alaric gets equity for his  growth consulting

Alaric has collected equity in multiple businesses by offering his marketing solutions. This method allowed him to grow a portfolio of companies and raise capital.

Bill closes a 7-figure deal in 7 weeks.

Bill wasn't expecting things to go so quickly. He came across a deal within a week of joining us and decided to pull the trigger. Listen to his story about this lucrative deal. 

Tim acquired a $4mm a year HVAC business

It took him 10 years to build a business making $600k-$1mm a year. Within months of joining us he acquired a business making $4mm a year. Now he can transition from working in the business to working on the business. Pivotal moment in his life.

Suhail's deal in the beauty sector

Learn how Suhail acquired his first business in the UK. What was his process behind picking the sector and how he financed the business acquisitions with no money out of pocket.